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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) is one of the largest research universities in Germany. Our values of innovation, diversity and passion are the key to our consistently high national and international rankings. Come and join the FAU family.

Join the FAU family!

Join the FAU family, a highly diverse and international community of students. Founded in 1743, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg is steeped in history and ranks among the largest universities in Germany and Europe, famous for its research excellence. We’ll help you fulfil your potential and become part of a growing, global community of innovative researchers and entrepreneurs.

We strive to create fully rounded, independent individuals. At FAU, we are also aware of our social and environmental responsibilities. Equally, as an institute of learning, we are at the forefront of driving innovation and setting knowledge in motion.

Study @ FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Come and study at FAU. Get information on which programmes are available, funding options and guidance, and the support staff that can help you. Our university has long been synonymous with interdisciplinary excellence and innovative research and academia. Innovation, diversity and passion are the basis and motivation for our success. By working together with some of the biggest names in research and industry, we set knowledge in motion to be the catalyst for pioneering innovation that will shape the future.

Where tradition…

…meets innovation.

Living at the  of Europe

I recommend living in some of the student residences in Nürnberg or Erlangen. The dormitories organize very often meetings for the new students. This will help you to meet people from different cultures, improve your German and to learn more about the city and the university from experienced students. It will also help you to adapt quickly and to manage the administration issues problem-free.

Dayana, International Business Studies

Come and study at the heart of Europe in the unique metropolitan region of Nuremberg, which seamlessly blends rich history and cultural vibrancy with a modern, diverse population in a thriving economy. Berlin, Prague, Munich and it’s Oktoberfest, the Alps of Italy, and Paris right around the corner – embedded at the heart of Europe, you will never be lost for ideas for your next big adventure!

Research & innovation

See why FAU is a pioneer of innovative research and the ideal place for ambitious researchers to come. The MP3 is just one recent example of FAU’s innovative strength, and our diverse network is testimony to our potential. In collaboration with San José State University in Silicon Valley and the famous Peking University, we founded the FAU Silicon Valley Fall School and the FAU Shenzhen Fall School. FAU boasts excellent partners in the pioneering field of digital innovation: eMobility, Internet of Things, AI, Big Data, Digital Health, VR/AR.

Browse through our extensive research network and partnerships and check out our welcome centre, which is geared towards supporting international guest researchers and doctoral candidates.


Compressed audio formats are the standard solution for listening to music on the go. The most well-known of them all is MP3, which revolutionised how we listen to music in the late 1990s. The initial groundwork for audio coding originated at FAU.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Based on its extant AI research, FAU has compiled five clusters that are depicted in the FAU AI Map. Traditionally, FAU is an exemplary location for Artificial Intelligence (AI), pattern recognition and machine learning.

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Time Machine

FAU is involved in a large European project together with more than 30 other institutions. Big data, digitalization and artificial intelligence are used to record the social, geographical and cultural development of Europe.

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Career options

When I started the Talent Program with the intention to connect with the startup scene, I had no idea, that this would be a game changer for my future career. While working in a startup myself I was highly motivated to also place an entrepreneurial focus on my master thesis.


From corporate partners to career guidance and a history of innovation – FAU will help you fulfil your potential, and provide you with excellent support every step of the way. Our career service will help to provide you with a platform to continue your professional growth, whether you are a student, alumnus, a doctoral candidate, or an entrepreneur. Embracing new opportunities that digital innovation offers, our knowledge is always in motion. Just like our entrepreneurs who find forward-thinking solutions to today’s problems, we are always offering you a new path forward, to keep up with the demands of the workplace and shape the future.


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