Tradition meets innovation

Life in Bavaria

Bavarians are well known for their hospitality, their infectious good nature, and the famous “bayerische Gemütlichkeit” (Bavarian cosiness).

At the same time, however, the region is strongly associated with the traits of discipline, pragmatism, and getting things done. This is showcased by the success of Bavaria’s industrial powerhouse and strength of innovation, exemplified by Erlangen’s Medical Valley.

These aspects combine to guarantee you a fruitful and welcoming stay.

FAU offers a wide range of services to ensure that you are taken care of. We want to make you feel at home from the moment you arrive. As such, we have a comprehensive package to meet your needs.


Housing services

Our Housing Service will help you to secure accommodation before you arrive. Firstly, it’s important to note the following: The Student Services (Studentenwerk) is responsible for awarding places in our halls of residence, not FAU. This means you are not automatically granted a place in one of our halls of residence if you get a university place. Take a look at the video below to check out the housing options available to you.

Please always apply proactively through our Housing Service!

Be prepared for the eventuality that we cannot offer you accommodation. On the private residential market, you can either rent a private apartment or find accommodation in a private flat share. However, remember that you should always view the flat in advance, and that the landlord will likely want to meet you beforehand. Or take a look at our blog “Where can I stay during my studies at FAU?”.


Your new home

Parents listed a safe environment as the key factor in a campus environment. For students it was the second most important factor, behind being a good fit. Erlangen is home to a number of international families who have settled in areas established by companies like Siemens. This contributes to the welcoming and tranquil feel of its neighbourhoods.

Of course, students and families alike are drawn here because of the sense of security the region provides. The region is surrounded by idyllic, small villages in Franconian Switzerland. You are therefore never far from the traditional Bavarian experience and that homely feeling.


Getting around

The buses and trains within our region operate with good frequency. For those who use the public transport every day, I recommend to buy the full time semester ticket. Make use of the semester ticket to travel and explore new places all over the VGN area. For travel outside this area, always check for discount tickets on the website of Deutsche Bahn. It is always possible to find time to travel, not only during the holidays but also during the semester.

Rahul, Medical Engineering

We’re sure you’ll want to immerse yourself in Nuremberg’s inner-city, international flair and the activities it offers. Thanks to the region’s transport infrastructure, you’ll never be more than 20-30 minutes away.

Being flexible and mobile is key as a student, especially during your semester abroad. You want to be able to get from A to B without hassle during the day and night. The Nuremberg metropolitan area is perfectly tailored to your needs:

  • An all-inclusive semester ticket lets you use all regional transport services between Nuremberg and Erlangen for a single fee. Regional trains travel frequently between the main cities and there is a tube connecting Nuremberg main station and Nuremberg airport. Nuremberg’s underground metro is the modern transport hub the sprawling city deserves, while buses provide links to all other regions. Just hop in and see where you end up.
  • Erlangen is a truly bike-friendly city. There are plenty of local bike stores to help you repair that flat tyre! The best way to get around Erlangen, especially in summer. Erlangen boasts a comprehensive and regular bus network, which include buses going every 10 minutes in the city centre. This includes a direct connection to Nuremberg Airport.


Study at the  Heart of Europe

Come and study at the heart of Europe in the unique metropolitan region of Nuremberg, which seamlessly blends rich history and cultural vibrancy with a modern, diverse population in a thriving economy.


Adventure in all directions

Embedded at the heart of Europe, you will never be lost for ideas for your next adventure:

To the north is Berlin, Germany’s capital and a melting pot of history, culture and vibrant nightlife.

To the east is Prague, the historical capital of Bohemia, a picturesque city under the shadow of an imposing baroque castle.

To the south you have Munich, boasting such culturally diverse icons as Bayern Munich, Oktoberfest and Frauenkirche. Heading further south takes you through the stunning landscapes of the Alps to Italy.

Travel west to get to the idyllic Baden-Wurttemberg, or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, spend a weekend in France – just 5 hours by train. Mon Dieu!


Get active!

Join one of our international groups like FVI – FAU Volunteers for Internationals and discover this metropolitan region’s unique flair. They offer a host of cultural and leisure activities (like your first visit to the hallowed grounds of Bergkirchweih).

Participate in any number of sports activities using FAU’s attractive facilities to stay active. We have a broad standard offer that ranges from football and tennis to fitness (using FAU’s own gym).

Or try your hand at one of our more exotic options – local stand-up paddling tours, combat sports and more.


Orientation at FAU

FAU’s Erlangen presence is home to the faculties of engineering, medicine, sciences as well as humanities and theology. The styles range from the modern Campus Süd to the grandiose University Library.

Everything is easy to access thanks to the bike-friendly streets. At the same time, the combined semester ticket grants you free travel on all buses and regional trains.

The Nürnberg campus is situated right in the city centre, making it easy to reach. It is home to the faculty of economics and social sciences, and the institute of primary education research.

Nürnberg is a bike-friendly city. The metro offers an efficient way to get around the city, and is incorporated in your semester ticket.